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Tooth whitening

Whitening teeth or bleaching is a treatment in which bad colors and pigments that over time cause changing the color of the teeth and even remove some of the bad colored genetics and present you beautiful and white teeth.

The main source of bleaching teeth is hydrogen peroxide, which oxidizes the sedimentation pigments between enamel pyramid and destroys them. Over time, the material penetrates the lower parts of the enamel in the dentine. Whitening the teeth in the house brightens up the color of the tooth and whitens the tooth. There are two general methods for whitening teeth with bleaching, which vary in terms of bleaching and bleaching costs.

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How do we have white teeth?

The Most Important Causes of changing teeth’s color:



Use of colorful drinks such as tea, coffee and...

Age increasing

Failure to observe proper oral and dental health

Avoiding any of the above items and proper using of colored drinks such as tea and coffee can be effective in staying white teeth.

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