Tooth Lamination

Laminate (laminate) or veneer is a layer of tooth-colored material that is used to correct the form, shape, color and length of the teeth, or to close the gap between the teeth and treat broken teeth by placing on the tooth. Veneers are either made of composite or made in the office directly (called composite veneer) or made of ceramic and are made in the laboratory (called ceramic veneer). Due to the very small shear and super beauty, veneers are the first treatment plan for the anterior teeth.

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karaj laminate

Dental Laminate Types and Their Differences

The laminate is divided into two parts, which are different according to material and construction.
Ceramic laminate: It has more resistance to composite laminates and has more stable color than composites and has more elegant appearance. These veneers are made of ceramic and are made in the laboratory, which is called ceramic.

Composite Laminate: The color stability of this type of laminate is lower, but its price is cheaper, and less shear is one of its advantages. These veneers are made composite and are made in the office directly, which is called composite.

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