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Pediatric or adult orthodontics, the science of teeth pairing and one of the specialized courses in dentistry


Orthodontics (Orthodontics) is one of the specialized courses in dentistry. This word is composed of two Latin words "ortho" meaning "right" and "right" and "edos" or its derivative "dence" means "teeth". Orthodontics is one of the most important specialized courses in dentistry. It is also the first specialty introduced in dentistry. Orthodontic work is more likely to correct malocclusion or inappropriate pairing of teeth. This can be due to the improper position of the teeth or two jaws, or there may be some degree of both of these problems in one person. Orthodontic treatments may only focus on correcting the position of the teeth or changing the pattern and for the direction of growing two jaws (orthopedic treatments).

 On the other hand, orthodontic treatments can be divided into fixed and movable devices. Fixed devices are devices that do not need to be removed from the mouth during treatment, and the main constituents of these are brackets and wires. Brackets are small pieces that are attached to the teeth by a special adhesive. Among the people, the term wiring or closing the tooth is also used to refer to this operation. Movable devices are a type of patient that can remove them from the mouth during treatment, although sometimes it may be limited to short periods of time, such as eating or brushing, as prescribed by the orthodontist. These types of devices are known as "plaques" among people.

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Different types of orthodontic devices

In general category orthodontic is performed in 6 types:


Movable orthodontic

Orthodontics using metal brackets

Orthodontics with tooth-colored brackets

Non-elastic metal or ceramic orthodontics

Orthodontics from the back of the tooth or lingual system

Transparent orthodontic or Invisalign

Although There is another type of orthodontic called rapid orthodontics, which is not used in conventional therapies and therefore it’s not included in this category.

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