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Pediatric Dentistry

Does the child’s milky teeth matter and does not need to visit a pediatric dentist, pediatric dentistry?

Some parents of our community believes that milk tooth is a temporary tooth between 6 and 7 years old, and then it will lose. What’s the concept of taking care?

A good pediatric dentist, or dentistry pediatrician, can be a good guide. In fact, we must know that front teeth are lasting up to seven years old and the posterior teeth are lasting up to twelve years old. Consequently, if the milk teeth are lost, children have problem in chewing or, in other words, not chewing completely causes digestive problems and other problems.

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The role of pediatric dentistry

Underneath a milk tooth, in addition to the existence of permanent teeth, there is enough space for permanent teeth to grow. Also, the milk tooth determines the direction of permanent teeth path or guide the direction of permanent teeth in children.

The absence of a milk tooth that causes the permanent teeth to disorder, resulting in high orthodontic costs. So the health and correct growing of permanent teeth depends on milk teeth.

In general, milk teeth are responsible for chewing, helping children’s speaking and beautify, and our child's beautiful smile is possible by paying attention to importance of milk teeth and referring to pediatric dentist and pediatric dentistry clinic.

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