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What is a tooth prosthetic?

The term of tooth prosthetic refers to denture or replacement teeth. These prostheses can be a collection of simple veneers that are used to aid a tooth to include a complete tooth prosthesis that is intended to replace all teeth and it called denture. Tooth prostheses are also used by the dentist for the beauty goals of the smile plan as well as therapeutics. Patients who require prosthesis usually have specific problems associated with biting and feel embarrassed due to missing teeth and their inappropriate physical appearance and are demanding correction of the smile's plan. The types of these prostheses are fixed prostheses and movable denture prostheses, which are described below.


Types of tooth prostheses 

In the case of ​​replacing missing teeth, we use two types of tooth prostheses:

Fixed tooth Prosthetic: is the same as that commonly used by the general population as a tooth crown.

Movable Prosthetic: In this case, movable prosthetic help toothless or with a number of missing teeth and dentists. Tooth prosthetic, as its name suggests, is easily inserted into the mouth or removed.

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